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Web based training management system: manage courses, schedule classes, manage students info, collaboratively work with training materials - upload, change, organize into binders and kits, order for production, manage materials distribution. Front end for students to register for classes and order materials. 30 days free trial. Free use for companies who utilize Delta L's on demand training materials production services.

Download Training Management System by Delta L 1.0

Spider, mouse and stairs
spider, mouse and stairs. spider, mouse and stairs funy animation flash film

Text perception 02
Find the moment read the text. Adjust reading speed for maximum enjoyment. Ability to concentrate on the problem is one of the constituent parts of the successful mental work.

Cellular joke game
cellular kids game

Key words puzzle
Cutt up the text on three perpendicular strips.Read quickly. The more speed-reading then more understanding.

OnTarget is a very addictive shoot-em-up game played over a rugged terrain under a beautiful moon-lit star-filled night sky. Two people can play each other at the keyboard, or the computer will give you the fight of your life as your opponent!