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Aweris WebServer 1.0.1

Aweris WebServer is based on the 3 most-popular web technologies: Apache, Perl and PHP and it gives to you complete framework for using their power. Aweris WebServer is designed with MySQL in mind, because this is the most-used database technology in the web-development world. Because all these popular servers and languages are designed to work on Unix/Linux environment, there are number of troubles when you need to use them on Windows machine. That's why we started Aweris Project. Aweris setup package installs on your PC pre configured and ready to use Apache/PHP/Perl server, WebServer Control Panel, different productivity tools, help files, wizards etc. Note that Aweris WebServer is more than Apache, PHP and Perl. The major parts of package are: - Aweris WebServer itself - just install and start the server with one mouse click - Aweris WebServer Control Panel - Integrated control interface for the webServer, but also for all major components of Aweris and different development tasks. Aweris Control Panel is similar to - Windows Start menu - starting point for quick access to all parts of aweris and shortcuts to sites you develop with few mouse clicks - Help Center - for quick access to help files, wizards and guides Aweris WebServer comes with useful documentation pack for everyday usage. - Demo sites and examples pre installed - just open demo site to see how it works, edit and test your changes easily. - Update Center - for quick and easy check for updates - Different Design and Development tools - such as editors and converters - to boost your productivity

Download Aweris WebServer 1.0.1

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  • Size: 17.11 MB
  • License: Shareware
  • OS: WinXP
  • Price: $19.95
  • Publisher: Hixus Software
  • Keywords: Web, Server, WebServer, web, server, apache, php, cgi, perl, mysql, Apache, PHP, CGI, Perl, Windows, windows, develop

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