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Blaiz Enterprises - Animated ArtCard Creations Pac 2.00.

* Create your special animated ArtCard and say a personal "Hello", email that very private invitation, or personalise your voice message with wit or sentiment to colleagues, friends, family, and loved ones - remembering you forever! * Collage all your favourite multimedia animations, poetry, pictures and music with artistic flair. * Produce your own advertising fliers from blank canvas to print with precision and ease, using BONUS Professional Image Printer. Animated ArtCard Creations comes complete with 24bit color background pictures, animations, animated/still cursors, music, frames and BONUS Professional Image Printer to start creating immediately! See our Resource Library 1 / 2 to extend libraries of pictures, cursors and music. Realtime WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing - no technical knowledge required. Optimised, powerful and stable, AAC creates standalone, standard Windows program ".exe" ArtCards, requiring no supportive software (e.g. no browser) with no installation. ArtCard creation has never been so easy, powerful, and this much FUN! Features: * Realtime WYSIWYG graphics editing, click and drag positioning/Image Printer realtime WYSIWYG print management * Up to 200 different animations * Up to 1,000 total animations * True color (24bit, 16.7 million colors) * Multiple layered synchronised animations transparently - synchronised timing engine * Scroll/flash personalised text transparently, horizontally/vertically, any font, color, style, size * Scroll/flash animations transparently, horizontally/vertically * Scroll/flash specialised symbol inserts transparently, horizontally/vertically, any font, color, style, size * Customisable cursors - animated or still 24bit color * Simple right click flip, mirror, duplicate any animations/text * Simple built-in definable color hyperlink - click to visit your website or email - global color grab captures any screen color * Frame 24bit shaded color -75pixels, sliding size option - global color grab captures any screen color * Music/voice - midi (.mid) or wave (.wav) * Multiple Picture formats - bitmap (.bmp), jpeg (.jpg), Windows metafile (.wmf) and Enhanced Windows metafile (.emf) * Blaiz Enterprises┬┤ specialised clipboard - simultaneously copy all animations, cursors, sounds, frames and links - stored indefinitely * Information Window - ArtCard details * Import your own animations, graphics, pictures, cursors, music to extend libraries - see also our Resource Library 1 / 2 for extra pictures, cursors and music * Print out of ArtCards for fliers or advertising - "menu" is automatically removed, while email and webpage links remain visible (if used) * ArtCard compact (0.436Mb +) with built-in compression * ArtCard option: Send to Start Button and/or Desktop for easy find * Complementary free tools - Animator, Clic, Font Viewer, Image Viewer, Synthesiser, Text Effects, Vas * Integrated Help * Multilingual interface - see our Select Language * No installation Many other features... Animated ArtCard Creations places itself on your Start button: .. Start - Programs - Blaiz Enterprises - Image Tools for quick, easy navigation. Test drive our free example animated ArtCards: a. "CLOWN.ZIP" - Example happy birthday ArtCard b. "COLLAGE.ZIP" - Example collage ArtCard c. "CRITTERS.ZIP" - Example many simple animations d. "LEAVES.ZIP" - Example scrolling text from AAC's "Help" e. "SNOW.ZIP" - Example single image animation from AAC's "Help".

Download Blaiz Enterprises - Animated ArtCard Creations Pac 2.00.

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  • Blaiz Enterprises
  • Size: 1.967 MB
  • License: SHAREWARE
  • OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP
  • Price: $41.96
  • Publisher: Blaiz Enterprises
  • Keywords: ArtCard, ArtCards, artcard, Bonus, 24bit, color, animated, multimedia, musical, quickly, collage, advertising, fliers, WYSIWYG, no installation, multilingual, interface, critters, leaves, clown, .exe, standalone, greeting cards, cards, 200 animations, layered animation, scroll, fla

  • Blaiz Enterprises - Animated ArtCard Creations Pac