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Blaiz Enterprises - Secure Message 1.00.

Quick, strong encryption with private password for plain text. Secure your emails (AOL compatible), chat messages (BlaizChat), computer files. Feel confident and content that your information stays that way - yours. *Use your own private passwords (secret keys) *Simple, easy and fast - no technical knowledge needed *Highest quality encryption engineering *Strong, robust and fully optimised software with simple/easy interface[end] Features: *AddressBook-v2 compatible - use AddressBook as your password manager *Blaiz Enterprises´ proprietary TBT-2 Large Key Encryption engine powers Secure Message´s strong, random, plain text encoder *Completely anonymous encryption (no date, time, filename or other personal information included) *Large, strong private password (secret key) of 3 to 1000 characters *Fully functional and free to use with encryption strength Nominal (480bit) *Encrypted output is pure text in 70 character lines *Definable font and text/background color *Options: OnTop, Word Wrap *Auto encryption detection (detects encrypted message/s) *Sizeable *Integrated Help *Multilingual interface - see our Select Language *No installation Secure Message places itself on your Start button: .. Start - Programs - Blaiz Enterprises - Security for quick, easy navigation. Note: There is also a Secure Message DOS Command Line version. Warning Your private password is your responsibility, and must be respected and protected. A hard copy should be kept privately, as any text encrypted, cannot be retrieved without it, and will be unrecoverable. Technicals: * Private Password - Variable 3 to 1000 character password - not predictable * No characters are ignored - to eliminate collisions and promote randomness - (many algorithms quietly and automatically omit common characters e.g. "a") * Algorithms begin concentration at password level - prime source of most attack * Selectable password entry length promotes further strength, security and enables personalised ratioing of password size to pure text block size - e.g. long password for long file, medium password for medium file, short password for short file * No padding * Cryptographic Core (TBT-2 Large Key Encryption Engine) - * Utilises large private key, extremely strong, cycling random key and cycling data mix algorithms with additions, multiplications, data rotations with functions f and g - Example at 480bit key stage - 360 multiplications, 600 additions and 120 rounds * No Xor´s or S-boxes are used - predictable weaknesses * 32bit check code for data integrity/key check * Anonymous - no time/date stamp and no internal information of encrypted file Examples of Algorithmic strength (using extreme weakness passwords) - Extreme weakness 3 character "aaa" password yields recurrence factor level of 1,315,600 keys before repeat Extreme weakness 3 character password, apart from "aaa", yields recurrence factor level of 10,506,313 keys before repeat Above two ´extreme weakness password´ examples show that key/algorithm mixes are extremely strong, and, that 4 to 1000 character passwords yield strengths far beyond computation/time frames.

Download Blaiz Enterprises - Secure Message 1.00.

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  • OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP
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  • Publisher: Blaiz Enterprises
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  • Blaiz Enterprises - Secure Message