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Bueno Challenge 1.01

Combine the skill of Chess with the strategy of Othello in this futuristic board game. Are you tired of all those Reversi (or Othello) clones? Looking for something new and challenging? Then you've come to the right place! This beautifully crafted game has rules so simple they almost seem trivial - but the strategy will take a lifetime to master. Bueno is a new board game specifically designed for the computer using state of the art Artificial Intelligence. Play against the computer, or with your friends and family, either individually or in teams! Features include: - Stunning 32 bit graphics and stereo sound. - Nine difficulty levels to match your skill. - Play on different board sizes. - Supports up to four players. - Easy to use Play-by-Email. - Full Undo / Redo of every move in the game. - Automatic and manual saving of games. - Comprehensive help. - Fully skinnable to suit your mood - Complete install and uninstall. Here are the rules in 30 seconds... - Each player takes a turn placing a Piece (or Laser) on any unoccupied position on the board. - A Laser can be activated on any turn, emitting a beam that changes your opponents Pieces into yours. - A Piece is permanently changed if a Laser beam crosses it more than once in a single turn. - Once activated, a Laser becomes inactive. - A Laser beam is propagated by other active Lasers and blocked by inactive Lasers. - The game ends when all Lasers have been placed and activated. - The player with the most Pieces on the board wins ! Bueno offers intellectual non-violent fun suitable for the whole family! Are you ready for the Bueno Challenge ?

Download Bueno Challenge 1.01

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  • OS: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2000
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