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ClearImage Tools 5.0

Design specific, sophisticated batch operations, quality assurance measures, forms processing, logical operations, line modification and other customized manipulations, in a framework of batch operations with the ultimate tool for imaging professionals, offering powerful functions and intuitive controls. Create the precise set of operations and logic flows, in VB, C++ or Delphi, to support your equipment capabilities, process requirements and specific image population. Examples of imaging applications are image batch processing, form recognition, image quality assurance, image decomposition, imaging workflow, document structure analysis. ClearImage tools integrates easily into applications and supports the following features: MEASUREMENT OPERATIONS. Measure Pixel Count, Rotation, Skew and Margin size - use these separate measurements to determine next action or to quality control the images. Measure Vertical or Horizontal Histogram - use these measures to analyze the image IMAGE COMPONENTS OPERATIONS Find and Measure Objects - convenient way to identify important image elements Extract Object - remove the object into a new image Find and Measure Lines - identify lines for forms processing, or error processing, or for geometric references. MORPHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS Dilation, Erosion - fatten or reduce the thickness of lines to read them better Outline, skeleton - divide the image into multiple objects IMAGE LOGICAL OPERATIONS Perform AND, OR, XOR or Paste operations on whole images or specified regions IMAGE SCALING OPERATIONS Scale Image - reduce/grow the image while maintaining its appearance Scale to Grayscale Bitmap - reduce the image while retaining its appearance. OTHER IMAGE OPERATIONS Skew Image - rotate the image by a specified amount Accept or output images in any of several popular file formats or via memory transfers. ClearImage Tools is part of the ClearImage SDK which is FREE - take advantage of the power.

Download ClearImage Tools 5.0

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  • License: Commercial
  • OS: Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000
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  • Keywords: scanning, post scanning, post processing, image processing, image cleanup, image manipulation, data capture, document scanning, fax data capture, form processing, image, fax, form, document, processing, imaging, scanning, capture, workflow, activeX, COM

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