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At the Centrally Located Server (Master Log), Employee Checkin: Displays and records the in and out status of all employee. Displays and records the in and out times of every employee if that option is set to Yes. Stores and displays the out-of-office statuses of every employee as applicable. Statuses include business, vacation, sick, and other statuses. Accepts new employees and removes employees. Accepts screen names, full names, passwords, and time tracking for all employees. Allows changes to all employee records and options. Displays statuses for every employee in one large window. 17" monitor running at 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended for centrally located monitor. Optionally requires employee password at the Master Log. Refreshes its display at midnight, every night, to start the new day, and stores the previous day's in and out statuses in a text file that is named after the previous day's date. Backs up the entire database daily. The daily backup reflects all changes made during the previous day and is updated and overwritten daily. At the Employee Checkin (EC) WorkStations: EC allows employees to check in and out. EC allows employees to enter messages for others to read. EC allows all employees to read the message entered by other employees. EC requires entry of employee passwords at the workstations to check in or out, or to leave optional messages. EC provides alphanumeric buttons and a text box to enter passwords. Employee Checkin Model 8 is FREEWARE can display up to 8 employee names, statuses, and times in and out (if selected). Model 8 is fully functional and no time restrictions apply. At this time other commercial models (not freeware) are available in increments of 8 from 16 to 144. All rights are reserved for ALL MODELS of Employee Checkin, server and client modules. DOWNLOAD Model 8 Server, Client, Samples, & Screen Shot:

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