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FloppyBase 1.3 3

FloppyBase 1.3 is advanced floppydisk imaging program for Windows. You don't have to have 100s of floppies lying around now you can just create them from image files when you need to. The program will work over the network without being installed on the machine it is used on. So if you provide technical support your help desk team will always have access to the critical boot and utility floppies they need. The program can be installed locally or on a server just share the install directory to enable a team to use it. FloppyBase makes an exact copy of a disk to a compressed image file so you can keep the files on your hard drive or burn them to CD. You can then recreate floppies from the image files when you need to. If you need to preserve floppies that are on media that is no longer made or use 1.2MB images in a computer with only a 1.44MB drive that's no problem. Floppybase 1.3 supports media conversion. It can write images from 720K and 1.2MB media to 1.44MB media. The floppies are seen by the operating system as if they were the original disks because Floppybase preserves all the original file system data (Media Descriptor, Boot Sector, File Allocation Table even the Sector Geometry). FloppyBase uses a simple GUI and it is self registering. Run it once and then just double click an image file to recreate a floppy. It remembers the last path used, network or local. Operation is straight forward. If you're working over a network and you want to leave no trace on a client machine you can unregister it when you've finished.

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  • Hammer Software
  • Size: 0.765 MB
  • License: Demo
  • OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000
  • Price: $35
  • Publisher: Hammer Software
  • Keywords: diskette, imaging, copy, archive, backup, diskette imaging, floppybase, floppydisk, image, floppy disk file, mirror file, mirroring, convert, format, conversion, images, sector copy, raw copy, sector, imaging, utility, sector geometry, GUI, Windows, convertion

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