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JumpKeys Pro 1.1

A multi-function utility for programmers and power users. JumpKeys Pro uses hot keys for selecting, minimizing, maximizing and restoring windows on the desktop (including child windows in MDI applications), making windows 'Always On Top', storing text in a tabbed clipbook, accelerated text editing and inserting text into virtually any window. JumpKeys Pro gives you instant control over your desktop windows. Save time, effort, and help combat repetitive strain injury (RSI). JumpKeys Pro features include: * quickly tag up to 9 of your most frequently used windows based on full or partial title, to be selected using the numbers on the main keyboard. Tagged windows can be selected using the Alt key (Alt+1, Alt+2, etc.), or the Ctrl key, Shift key, Windows key, or even with the numbers alone * minimize all/restore all windows on the desktop * a tabbed clipbook, that's essentially a tabbed notepad with specialized features to make it easy to store text clippings. Store text in up to 255 tabbed pages. From anywhere on the desktop, use a hot key to automatically create a new page and paste the current contents of the clipboard as unformatted text * perform clipboard intensive operations faster (accelerated text editing) using ExpressEdit, in virtually any window. ExpressEdit temporarily traps the keys 0-9 and A-Z (i.e. when ExpressEdit is OFF, pressing C will type the letter C; when ExpressEdit is ON, pressing C will Copy the selected text). Use a hot key to toggle ExpressEdit ON/OFF * store 36 snippets of text, to quickly insert into virtually any application or dialog window using ExpressInsert * insert the date and/or time into virtually any window. Customize the format in which the date/time is to be inserted, including the ability to add a prefix, leading or trailing spaces, etc. * change case of text, in virtually any window, to uppercase, lowercase or proper case * customize the interface by changing tool button colors, hiding the menu, etc. * customize the hot keys

Download JumpKeys Pro 1.1

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  • Bruce Graham
  • Size: 2.32 MB
  • License: Shareware
  • OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000
  • Price: $29.95
  • Publisher: Bruce Graham
  • Keywords: select child windows, mdi, hotkeys, rsi, store text in a tabbed clipboards, coping source code, edit text in the current window, copy paste, insert text in any window, insert date in any application, uppercase, programming tools, rtf, tabed clipbooks

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