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LanHelper 1.20

LanHelper is a particular network management utility. It can make your network management more easy. No any extra server program is required to be installed. (1) LanHelper scans the abundance of information of the computers on network. The information includes IP address, workgroup name, MAC address, OS type, server type, shared resources, the access to shared folders, etc. Uniquely the scan engine is capable of detecting the access to shared folders and finding out whether the shared resources are writable, read-only or protected by password. (2) Scan IP, Scan LAN, Scan Workgroups are available for scanning network. (3) Send Magic Packet to power on the machines that support Wake-On-LAN feather on LAN or WAN. (4) Shut down or reboot remote machines within local network. (5) With Remote Execute function you can make remote machine execute command, run program or open other files. For example, start the Messenger Service remotely or just play an MP3 song on other computer. (6) Using LanHelper Integrated Command in Remote Execute, you can make remote machine log off, power off, hibernate, stand by or locked, ever if the machine is located on a different subnet you can reach. (7) Check whether machines are online, and detect whether IPs or computer-names have been modified or not at the same time. (8) Send messages to users, computers, workgroups, or the whole LAN in a flexible way. (9) The scan results are saved to XML file. The saved XML file can be used in other programs supporting XML. The XML file will be converted into HTML table which is more convenient for viewing while browsing in browser.

Download LanHelper 1.20

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