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Lingobit Localizer 4.0

A localization solution, Lingobit Localizer aids in translating MFC, Win32, Java or .NET applications to other languages. It simplifies all international software development stages and includes such powerful features as translation memory reuse as well as validation, pseudo-translate and statistic experts. Its Validation Expert feature helps ensure localization’s quality by identifying common mistakes, such as inconsistent format strings, duplicate hotkeys and missing periods. Its Pseudo-Translate Expert can be used early on in the product development cycle to determine localization readiness (e.g., whether a product will crash if a certain series of strings are translated). It can also verify whether the application's source code has been clearly separated from its localizable resources. Designed to significantly simplify data exchange between project coordinator and translators, Exchange Wizard can pinpoint the strings users want translated. It can then create a self-installed package and send it to the translator. Thanks to its built-in Translation Memory, Lingobit Localizer can also make use of previous work, so users need only translate new strings and resources. Crash Finder, an industry-leading localization testing technology, greatly reduces the effort required to find localized applications’ crash-inducing strings. String expansion memory overlays, strings that shouldn't be translated and format errors are just a few of the most common program malfunctioning problems. This technology enables automation of the oft tedious and error-prone problem isolation process. Performed at a project’s beginning, along with Pseudo Translate Expert, these problems can often be discovered before translation begins. Thanks to its flexible filtration and search techniques, Lingobit Localizer aids in large file/resource projects’ management. In sum, its usage not only leads to breakthrough improvements in localization quality but also shortens time-to-market.

Download Lingobit Localizer 4.0

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  • Size: 22.60 MB
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  • OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003
  • Price: $115
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  • Keywords: localization localize internationalize translate translation software tool localizable mfc visual c++ basic resource international dll exe ocx delphi builder dotnet .net globalization java

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