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Mizo - XP Themer 1.2

Windows XP now sports a new exciting user interface with nice looking controls and window borders and even themes. But, not all applications make use of these UI enhancements, either because they were written before Windows XP was released, or because the programmers writing these programs didn't put this functionality. Mizo - XP Themer solves this problem. It allows you to add Win XP's visual enhancements to these programs, and it even allows these programs to use Win XP's current theme style. Even Office XP benefits from this program. Features Include: * Adds Win XP's new user interface to older applications. * Adds Win XP's UI enhancements to newer applications that do not support these enhancements. * Allows your applications to use Win XP's current theme, and to change its looks if the theme changes. * Does not alter your application's program files, and the process is completely reversible. * A User Friendly interface that is extremely easy to use, either for applying the themes or for removing them. * Turbo mode, allows you to apply XP Themer to a group of directories or even a whole drive. * Every single application you Theme, will be added to the history list. This allows you to remove the theme from any application quickly and easily. Applications are shown by their Product Name and description to make identifying them easier. * If a control cannot be themed, Win XP just forgets about it, it does not force it to be themed. This provides better stability for your programs. * Mizo - XP Themer doesn't need to be running all the time, it just needs to be run once on each application file you want to theme. * This means that you don't need to add XP Themer to your windows startup, thus XP Themer does its work without using any valuable system resources.

Download Mizo - XP Themer 1.2

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