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NMath Core 2.2.1

NMath Core contains foundational classes for object-oriented numerics on the .NET platform. Product features include: Single- and double-precision complex number classes; full-featured vector and matrix classes for single- and double-precision floating point numbers and single- and double-precision complex numbers; flexible indexing using slices and ranges; cubic spline interpolation; extension of standard mathematical functions, such as Cos(), Sqrt(), and Exp(), to work with vectors, matrices, and complex number classes; LU factorization for a matrix, as well as functions for solving linear systems, computing determinants, inverses, and condition numbers; least squares solutions; random number generation from various probability distributions, including the uniform, normal, Poisson, gamma, binomial, exponential, Pareto, and log normal distributions; classes for encapsulating functions of one variable, with support for numerical integration (Romberg and Gauss-Kronrod methods), differentiation (Ridders' method), and algebraic manipulation of functions; polynomial encapsulation, interpolation, and exact differentiation and integration. If you are interested in evaluating NMath Core, we offer a free fully-functional trial version, distributed in binary form only for a 30-day evaluation period.

Download NMath Core 2.2.1

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