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NetworkActiv PIAFCTM 2.2

Easy yet advanced, quad-mode packet analyzer, Mode 1 (Packet Interceptor) While in this mode, PIAFCTM captures and analyzes network data packets. PIAFCTM allows you to view special information encoded in each packet such as the source and destination IP addresses, the source and destination ports, and many other pieces of information. When capturing using the NetworkActiv PIAFCTM Packet Driver, data is captured at the ethernet level allowing you to see the MAC (Media Access Control) addresses of each computer from which you have received packets. Many packets can be captured in a short period of time, and so you may not wish to view them all. With PIAFCTM, you can filter the capturing of packets by IP address, port, packet size, protocol, and/or text-sub-string searching of each packet's content. Also, you can search for a text-sub-string within the current list of packets, save the list of packets to a text file, view the data payload content of each packet (in Hex, Decimal, Text, or standard Hex+Text style), and more. Mode 2 (HTTP File Interceptor) With this mode, you can capture images, web-pages, web-page initiated HTTP downloads, and more. This is done by the automated capturing and analyzing of HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) specific packets. When PIAFCTM sees an HTTP file transfer hidden in the mass of packets, it starts collecting the packets associated with the file being transferred and when it has received all of them, it saves the file to your disk (at a location chosen by you). You can filter the saving of files by IP address, port, file extension, and/or file size. Mode 3 (Statistical Mode) Statistical Mode monitors and analyzes the network traffic and forms statistical information pertaining to each IP address, each IP address pair, and each local port. Unlike many packet analyzers out there, this software does NOT require (nor does it use) WinPCap, nor any other third party extensions. Contains no ads, banners, spyware, or nags

Download NetworkActiv PIAFCTM 2.2

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