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Rainbows 1.0

Through 5 Unique Games, Climb Up the 5 Rainbows from the Darkness to the Light ! And for this, all you have to do is to Match Colors ! Grab, Move, Rotate the 4-colored Square Tiles and stick them together by matching their colored sides. Some of the Rainbows Games are calm, slow paced but mind breaking puzzlers. Others are more action oriented and fast playing... Choose your game to fit your mood. The 5 games are : Monsters : Capture all those Funny Monsters ! With your Colored Tiles, surround them by matching their colors. Here, the key to success is to carefully lay out your tiles before the grid grows too messy... Stacks : You liked Tetris, you'll Love Stacks ! Colored Tiles fall down relentlessly. Stacks them and create color matching lines to clear the grid from this ever increasing number of Tiles... Puzzle : This one is for the Jigsaw Lovers ! The Grid is already full of Colored Tiles from the start. Just Rotate the tiles to match Colors and step by step bring together the whole mosaic again. Monsters - Time Challenge : Monsters are back but now Time is their Ally ! Because you now have limited time to place the Tiles and surround the Monsters, getting a well organized Grid becomes far more a Challenge. Not for the feeble hearted... Puzzle - Time Challenge : The Curse of the Skull ! Try to solve the Jigsaw before the Skull completes its trip round the Grid. Fortunately, each Tile you successfully match pushes the Skull back and gives you a bit more time... Enjoy !

Download Rainbows 1.0

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