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SharePoint RichText Boost 1.9.6

RichText Boost provides an additional toolbar for RichText editor. It extends the functions of default RichText editor without replacing RichText editor or creating a new column type. These new functions include: Increase/decrease size of RichText area without posting back. By default, users can't adjust the size of RichText area when editing item; it is not convenient when users want to input large text or insert large images or tables etc. With RichText Boost toolbar, users can freely increase/decrease height/width of the RichText area. These operations are completed on the client side without posting back to server. Upload and insert images as item attachments into RichText editor. By default, users must input a full URL when inserting an image to RichText editor. In most occasions, users need to insert the images into RichText editor as the attachments of the editing item. It is inconvenient because users may save-open the item many times for inserting images to RichText editor. With RichText Boost, users can click "insert attached image" button on the additional toolbar and a dialog will popup. Then users can upload image files in this dialog, and the image files will be saved as the attachments of the item. Finally users can select any attachment to insert into RichText editor.

Download SharePoint RichText Boost 1.9.6

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