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XRadiance 1.21

Like no other rendering system, XRadiance is the first 3D rendering software based on the Photon Tracing Algorithm and using the power of the pipeline of your graphic card (GPU), to compute your images with a great level of quality. It enables users to browse in real time, in 3D scenes with all rendering features, except shadows, reflections and refractions. All special effects are available ( Depth of field, fog, Lens flare, etc...). A tree, that describes the current scene, allows the user to edit all parameters like Photon Tracing Parameters, Camera, Ligths, Meshes, Materials and Special Effects, in Real Time. The Photon Tracing Algorithm, launches millions of photons in your scene and generates full image quality, in incredible times.

Download XRadiance 1.21

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  • GPUTECH Software
  • Size: 8.30 MB
  • License: Demo
  • OS: Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
  • Price: $575
  • Publisher: GPUTECH Software
  • Keywords: Photon Tracing, GPU, Hardware Accelerated, 3D Rendering, Global illumination, Raytracing

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