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Xabbu 0.1.2

Xabbu is a program to learn a list of vocabulary in a fast and efficient way. To reach this goal Xabbu has been designed for Students that want to learn a foreign language, which normally includes learning vocabulary. To learn a list of vocabulary you should first check the Website to see whether this list hasnt been created yet. Otherwise you need to create a vocabulary File by yourself and type in all the words and their translation to the foreign language, you can then safe this File and upload it to so that others can use it as well. Now you can start learning the words by heart using one of these four methods: 1. Ask Answer; A word is showed to you in one language and you need to type it in the other language. 2. Matching; you need to connect a list of the words in one language with a list of these words in the other language. 3. Multiple Choice; You need to find the translation of one word from a list of other translations. 4. Imagine; you're asked to imagine yourself the translation of one word; afterwards you're asked whether you imagined yourself the right word. Besides that Xabbu has the following functions: - Automatic program updates - Functions to compare two vocabulary files to prevent typing errors - Quick start window for often used vocabulary files - Import ability for other formats, i.e. Microsoft Excel - Functions to search your vocabulary files - Vocabulary Files are XML saved

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