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Business problem: Every day we are deluged by Emails, faxes, snail mails,.. and overloaded with information: in-company communication, communication with customers, with suppliers…Information we need is located everywhere and anywhere: files in PC drive, database records on server, emails in Outlook, Web sites on the Internet. To find what we need, we have to browse into many different places: PC directories, Out look folders, Internet bookmarks…. It’s like searching for a pair of socks stored in two different messy drawers. sqlDESKTOP solution: sqlDESKTOP is a computerized manual filing system arranged just like an ordinary office with pictures of real cabinets and real folders. With sqlDESKTOP put in the same binder side by side documents related to the same topic regardless of their physical storage location or data format. You can arrange by project, by department or whatever makes sense to you. sqlDESKTOP doesn't tell you how to organize, it lets you do things your own way. It's easy to use because you don't have to remember the exact name of the document or where you put it. Visually locate what you are looking for in a familiar office environment and click on the selected document. Visit for details and screen shot.

Download sqlDESKTOP 1.00

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