Education Software

Education Software

Computer training aids and education software for the classroom have been available for decades, and with each passing year, education software gets better, more sophisticated and even more specialized. Technically speaking, education software has been around since the 1940s when analog computers were used to fabricate simulated onboard instrument data which American researchers used in the development of flight simulators. Even after a few decades of computer evolution, saturation, and enhancements education software remained limited and expensive. Most computer aided education systems were still unobtainable by most, with terminals beginning at $10,000 in the 1960s and 70s.

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  • Fortunately education software began to make huge leaps in the early 1980s with introduction of affordable computers available for homes and schools. The Commodore, Apple II and other economically attainable computers launched a new synergy for further development of education software.

    The bulk of most software initially developed for computers, especially personal computers, was education software. Reference materials that once took up several volumes of books and space on shelves was now available for quick, ready and economical availability.

    Training aids for teachers, parents and students are easily and economically obtainable through education software. Trying to learn a foreign language, improve math skills, explore science or learn better grammar skills is now easy with the availability of education software.

    Net-Matrix makes the process even easier - providing a one-stop resource for a wide variety of education software available online, and free! Net-Matrix is committed to saving teachers, school administrators, home educators and students, time and money with free education software downloads.