How To Stop Spam

How To Guide For Stopping Spam

This How To Guide will walk you through the steps of stopping unwanted spam from entering your Inbox using Spam Bully software. This is the software we use ourselves for stopping spam in its tracks. This tutorial will assume you have already downloaded an installed the software.

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Select the "Train" button and train Spam Bully on which folders contain good emails and which contain spam.
  3. You can now begin downloading your regular email. As spam messages are found they will be moved to either the "Spam" folder or the "Unsure" folder. Clean messages will be sent to your regular Inbox folder.
  4. Spam Bully is not perfect, at first you will need to do quick checks on both your Spam and Unsure folder to make sure no good messages are being marked as spam.
  5. If you find that some good messages are being marked as Spam you can further train Spam Bully by highlighting the message and clicking "Not Spam" in the toolbar. This will tell Spam Bully to allow this email into your Inbox in the future.
  6. Also, sometimes spam messages will find their way into your Inbox, again Spam Bully allows you to highlight these emails and click "Spam" from the toolbar. This will train Spam Bully on the aspects of the spam email and it will know in the future to move these messages to the Spam folder.
  7. There is also an Allow/Block list. Here you can added email addresses which you either always accept or always consider spam. This is very useful if there are certain people you receive email from that you either always want or always want to get rid of.

Editors Note: We have found Spam Bully to very effective after only a few weeks of training. While we still do spot checks of the Unsure and Spam folders we have found that the software is correct about 95% of the time. Of course, your mileage may vary, but for us, this is a great find!

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