12Ghosts Wash

12Ghosts Wash 6.03

Maintains your privacy by not allowing others to see which web sites you have visited or what you have done in Windows. All options can be cleared with just one click, or even automatically at startup, shutdown, or at a certain time of day. 12-Wash removes tracks deliberately, even where other programs fail, for example, cleaning related traces in the registry. And with the optional shredder, not even finest magnetic tracks are left of any compromising or confidential information. Removes your Internet history, cookies, and temporary cached files in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Clears the address list drop-down, auto-complete info, and the last Save-As folders of IE. Windows' temporary folder is cleared and also the Recycle Bin, the run history, recent documents, and find files history. It even deletes locked files (files that are in use, e.g. those ominous "index.dat" files). 12-Wash tries to close these applications. If that does not work 12-Wash queues deletion for the next Windows restart. There are more options to clear the list of recently opened files in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and FrontPage, as well as smaller apps like MediaPlayer, WordPad, Paint, RegEdit, ACDSee, WinZip, or CuteFTP. And you may extend the washing with any user defined item. Personal files, folders (with wildcards and subfolders, for example all *.chk and *.tmp files), and of course individual registry keys or values are cleared automatically. Easily and quickly search for "garbage" files, temporary files that have not been cleaned up by programs. A list of files to delete is displayed where you may choose which files to delete (or keep). Offers secrecy and concealment for visited websites and files used during a Windows session. Really small download, only 350 KB.

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