3D GO 3.0

There is brand-new 3D real-time graphic engine embedded in 3D Go v3. In addition to supporting DirectX 3D graphic functions, it contains "3D font generating system", "sliced animation creating system" and "3D scene shaping system". Moreover it successfully integrates multi-layer graph displaying and image processing techniques. 3D Go v3 is a complete 3D font generating and scene animation generating tool. 3D Go v3.0 supports 3 dimensional movement, rotation, shrink-enlargement and other kinds of 3D valued added special efficacy. It is easy for you to create vivid and high-quality 3D font animations. Consequently it makes your web pages and briefs more lively¡C 3D Go v3.0 integrates the following techniques into its special efficacy functions: Font generating technique: 3D bevel technique, semi-transparency technique, surface material technique and dynamic lightening technique. Material pasting technique: video material, dynamic material and real-time custom setup material pasting techniques. Font special efficacy technique: movement, morph and explosion special efficacy techniques ¡C Multi-layer graph interleave displaying technique: background¡B3D scene¡Bforeground and image processing graphs layer-interleaving display. 3D Go v3.0 contains 400 special efficacy items: l 3D font bevel effects¡Ðinclude the oblique and smooth angles of 3Dwords. l 3D font material posting¡Ðincludes real-time tuning semi-transparency, movement, rotation, shrink-enlargement posting. l 3D font material effects¡Ðinclude dynamic material pasting and video material pasting. l 3D font quality effects¡Ðinclude metal quality, plastic quality. l 3D font lightening effects¡Ðinclude tunable lightening setup and dynamic lightening adjustment. l 3D font moving effects¡Ðinclude moving, rotation, rolling, overturning, pulling, jumping and harmonic motion of 3D words. l 3D font morph effects¡Ðinclude functional morph, waving morph, twisting morph and other morphs of 3D words. l 3D

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