3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver

3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver 1.1

3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver downloads the irresistible charm of an open wood burning fire on your Windows Desktop instantly. With 3D Fire Screensaver, you can now have the warmth, ambiance and romance of a Fireplace - wherever and whenever you want. Just download one of most Realistic Virtual Fireplace Screensavers to enjoy Realistic wonderful Dancing Flames Image to provide an unmatched elegant look of a real wood fire and supply charm and comfort to your home or office year round. This is not Animated Fireplace Pictures or Fireplace Video Tape. Instead, the 3D accelerated graphics deliver genuine flame realism and bring the beauty of a wood burning fire on monitor of your computer or widescreen TV. This Dancing Flame Screen Saver comes with controls that allow you to adjust the flame ambience and the type of Fireplace to suit any mood. You will hear sounds of the snap, crackle, and pop of a roaring fire and in the warm glow of the firelight, recreate the atmosphere of those memorable gatherings around the campfire. Everyone is lured by the dance of the flame. Add the magic of Virtual Fire Screen Saver to your Windows Desktop. 3D Realistic Fireplace Screensaver is an indispensable part of any Fire fan's collection! 3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver v1.0 features include: 3 Different Flame Colors, 3 Unique Fireplace Types, Adjustable Flame Decay, Variable Flame Width, The crackle fireplace sound, XP style Skin-Interface, Different Full Screen Resolution, The clock with a 24/12 hour mode and a calendar, Widescreen TV support (standard 4:3 screen or 16:9 widescreen), Power-saving management, Multi-monitors support, Show of a frame per second, Disabling exit of the screen saver by the mouse move, Wait sync, Mipmap and true-color textures, Software rendering, Password protection, Free technical support, Free updates of minor versions.

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