4t Calendar Reminder MP3

4t Calendar Reminder MP3 1.1

4t Calendar Reminder MP3 is a small application that reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and any other event. It can organize events in a MS Outlook-like calendar and arrange them in a tree form using an Explorer-like interface. When an event approaches, 4t Calendar Reminder MP3 can remind you of it by showing an alarm message, playing sounds (MP3, WAV, CD Audio) and videos, launching a specific application, and opening Web pages and other documents. Add simple, recurrent and any difficult condition event. 4t Calendar Reminder MP3 allows you to add any number of events with custom messages, sounds, colors and icons. When event comes 4t Calendar Reminder MP3 can play MP3, WAV, MIDI, Audio CD sounds and video files, launch applications, send e-mail, open Web pages and other document. Define patterns for quickly creation of events. Patterns help you add events at which all necessary properties are already established. You can drag-and-drop most frequently used patterns on the tools panel. Arrange your events in tree form using Explorer-like interface. You can organize patterns in the tree form. For each pattern 4t Calendar Reminder will highlight the appropriate events just as Explorer highlights files for folder. Organize your events in calendar like MS Outlook. You can view and manage all your events in calendar. You can customize calendar fonts, colors and events view. Customize the interface as to you conveniently. You can customize colors, fonts, event's view settings, some hotkeys and other behaviors of 4t Calendar Reminder MP3. Other cool features include the ability to minimize to system tray, to set more that one action for event, and to attach icons to each reminder for quick identification. It also includes age calculation, and will tell you a persons age each time their birthday is due! This feature can also be used to calculate the number of years for anniversaries, etc. You can use WinAmp to play MP3 files.

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