4t Explorer Sweeper

4t Explorer Sweeper 1.01

4t Explorer Sweeper clears browsing history such as cookies, temporary Internet files, index files, recently accessed files, URL’s, search terms, passwords, etc. It also speeds up PC performance, increases free disks space and improves security by clearing the content of various Explorer and Netscape folders. In its "System Tray" mode it runs in system Tray as icons and helps to free up space on your taskbar. In "Invisible" mode application is not possible to see even in the system Tray, but it still can run automatically every several minutes (you can still activate Options by clicking the special "Options" link in your "4t Explorer Sweeper" Start menu section). You can configure 4t Explorer Sweeper to automatically hide all browsers windows (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape) or to add currently active URL from Microsoft Internet Explorer to the list of "Hidden Favorites" by pressing specific keyboard shortcut ("Hidden Favorite" is the special URL, which is not visible in the Favorites URLs list but is accessible from address bar by typing "about:favorite_name" and pressing "Go" button). MAIN FEATURES - Supports MS Internet Explorer 4.xx, 5.xx, 6.xx and Netscape 4.xx, 6.xx - Hides and restores all Internet Explorer & Netscape windows by customized keyboard shortcut - Runs automatically by your choice - System Tray and Invisible modes - Can clear AutoComplete history in Internet Explorer and Netscape - Can clear browsers’ cache folders - Can remove Internet Explorer & Netscape Cookies files - Can clear visited links history in Internet Explorer and Netscape - Can clear Windows Temporary files folder, Recent Document list, Recycle Bin content - Clears customized additional folders - Clears Windows Command prompt autocomplete list - Clears Windows MediaPlayer recently opened files list and Google Toolbar performed searches list - Maintains "Hidden Favorites" list

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