Ad Master

Ad Master 2.5

Ad Master is a banner advertisement package which helps you to optimize your banner ad campaigns. It provides the comprehensive and convenient way to control banner ad campaigns.. Ad Master is the best solution for site owners, who would like to make money by selling banner place on their web sites. Also this package is developed for webmasters, who pay for advertising campaigns. Multiple campaigns can be created. This allows you to organize your banners rotations with ease. Multiply users system allows give an access to another webmasters! It will count every banner you show! Ad Master v2.3 provides the following features: Simple installation Support advertising campaigns Support GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, Flash, MOV, Text and Html formats. Support 4 levels of users (administrator, campaign administrator, banner administrator and stat user. With the Java Script call code you can distribute links to the banners to others so they can display them on their website. Powerful, fast real-time statistics. Multiple banners per campaign (unlimited). Create unlimited banner and campaign. Full control on script variables via web form Support Click/Impression/Date expire. Support images of different sizes. Add/Modify/Delete banner items. Add/Modify/Delete banner campaigns. Add/Modify/Delete banner within campaigns. View click/impression per banner. View clicks/impressions per campaign. Advanced anti-caching features Pretty administrative interface Automatic rotation of banner ads Password protected Administration area Central management password required to gain an access. User friendly administrative interface Anti-cheating system Administrator Logs Support ban IP Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser. Compatible with both Windows and Unix based servers. Quick in work Fast control Low cost Totally free professional installation And many others!

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