AlterWind Log Analyzer

AlterWind Log Analyzer 2.0

AlterWind Log Analyzer is a powerful web site traffic analysis software. It quickly generates traditional and some additional reports for your web site log files. .Thislog analyzer has a number of additional features. The program has easy-to-use interface. AlterWind Log Analyzer supports different log files format. Some of the most important features of the AlterWind Log Analyzer are: - ability to specify log files of any format; - simultaneous analysis of a large number of log files. Herewith they can be formed by the different servers and to have different formats. It is very convenient when analyzing the traffic of the site mirrors. - you can generate additional reports on the refers of the site. - sorting the report results with any parameters. - fully customizable reports with your choice of the formats and data items Reports generated by the AlterWind Log Analyzer will help you to estimate the auditory of your site, also to determine the effectiveness of your advertisement and marketing steps, to advance the functionality of the site and find new ways of increasing site's popularity. You will get all the necessary information about the visitors of you web site. The information is structured and can be viewed in the browser.

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