Amateur Invest

Amateur Invest 2003B

Amateur invest. - invest like a Pro... Let no internet site know your private economy. - Keep your investments private! Amateur invest is a program, that is made to be easy to use. And it is secure, because no internet site knows your private economy. In it, you can enter bank accounts and transactions, for the purpose of tracking your bank statements and the interest rates the bank give you. You can also enter company data, stock prices/quotes and other information about companies, for the purpose of tracking historic data, and finding out which companies to invest in. Finally you can enter your own stock portfolio, for the purpose of tracking profit and loss. The program contains more than 100 companies and 3 yr. stock prices, from many countries from the start. You can add an unlimited number yourself. The stock prices / quotes needed for tracking the performance of companies, as well as the performance of your portfolio, can be downloaded automatically via the internet - almost realtime - and for FREE! Stock quote ticker can be shown on screen. All this you get with Amateur invest. Plus you can view the above as well as much more information represented in charts & graphics on the screen and reports on the screen or on paper printout. Also you get an investment advisor, and you can set up, and monitor many kinds of alarms. And do Technical analysis. Amateur invest is not a complex or fancy program, that can do 1 thing in a 1000 ways - it is kept simple, so that you easily can get started and easily can keep track of your investments. Enhance your winning potential, with Amateur invest!

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  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: Simply Data