AzDGDatingPro 2.0.1

Very Powerfull Dating script working in PHP 4.1.0+, MySQL. AzDGDatingPro have very many features: Quick and easy instalation, header and footer, css in header, and some configs in config file, register/delete/edit users, MySQL fast configuration and work with sometimes repair and optimize database, Powerfull Several language support - easy add new language and flag, Uploading photo (max file size setting in config), Powerfull configuration in user registering, User can view own profile after registering, User can edit your profile, User can send password to own mail by powerfull "forget password" form, Anybody can search in this dating by many parameters (country, gender, category, with photo or all profiles, how many results on page), Search can be inside country (select country, and search(from city list), Automatically Search results ranked by date (last profiles go first), and automatically divide by pages, Message system between users, Feedback with webmaster, Statistic page (Powerfull statistic with easy add some statistic scripts), statistic for male,female,with photo or no, by age and more other, Counting person popularity with counting page views, Lock IP address counting if it view page (if you set allow in config file), Top Man and Top Woman on the main page, FAQ system, Powerfull and security admin page with login and password md5-coding, Unsucessfull join in admin panel writes to MySQL log file (date, ip, path, sys information), Optimize tables, Repair tables, Clear member hits, Remove members, Powerfull search/edit/remove members tool, Powerfull Send Mail to members tool - can send mail by gender, country with notify if mailing has been ended, Send mail to users with unreaded messages, View/clear admin log file, Add/edit/remove FAQ questions and other..

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  • License: Commercial
  • Publisher: AzDG