BlocKluster 1.3

BlocKluster is a falling-block game in which colors and shapes are both equally important. Groups of colored blocks will fall from the top of the screen. Your objective is to move them to places where same colors touch each other horizontally or vertically (not diagonally). Forming a large enough group of one color will eliminate those blocks and any colored blocks directly above will fall into the empty spaces. Points are awarded based on the size of the group that is eliminated. New groups may be formed by this process and are also removed for even greater points earnings. Special blocks will fall that are dark gray and are labeled with a white question mark. These are Wildcard blocks that can be changed to a color using any of three methods and any groups formed can then be eliminated. There are two games that can be played. If you select PLAY from the menu, the normal game will be activated where you start from Round 1 with 3 colors and move on to Round 2 with 4 colors and so on. The other option is to select play only the bonus round. In that case you will have only 4 consecutive rounds of the bonus round to accumulate a high score. BlocKluster can be played round-by-round with up to 4 players (computer or human) and keeps track of 11 different high score categories. This will take some time to achieve. Special high score files can be sent to SoftGun to be posted. Version 1.3 has better graphics; improved game feel; enhanced controls; and the user has greater control over an improved high score listing. Also, the concept of the Wildcard blocks was adjusted improving the play of the game. In the demo version you can play to the end of round 8.

Download BlocKluster

  • Size: 0.91 MB
  • License: Demo
  • Publisher: SoftGun