CB Predictor

CB Predictor 1.2

Decisioneering's CB Predictor is the latest addition to the Crystal Ball® suite of world-class decision-support tools. With its patent-pending technology, CB Predictor is the first, and only, forecasting tool designed to work seamlessly with risk analysis and optimization technology. CB Predictor is also included as part of Crystal Ball 2000, Professional Edition. Who is CB Predictor for? CB Predictor has been developed for individuals and organizations that need to increase the accuracy of their forecasts and have historical information to aid them in this process. How does CB Predictor work? CB Predictor incorporates advanced methods of Time-Series Forecasting (TSF) into an easy-to-use Excel® add-in. Time-Series Forecasting techniques analyze historical data to predict future performance. Historical data can hold a gold mine of information about the future. CB Predictor taps this cache andproduces insightful and accurate forecasts. CB Predictor is the perfect forecasting tool - whether you want to forecast product demand for inventory control, natural gas consumption for the upcoming winter or next year’s sales performance. CB Predictor provides the clearest picture of what’s to come. Features include 100% Microsoft Excel compatibility, best-of-breed forecasting algorithms, user-definable confidence parameters, customizable forecast reporting, and engine pivot tables for easy data management. Click here for information on the features available in the newly released version 1.2.

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