CompuChess 1.61

CompuChess is a powerful 3D chess program for windows, its unique 3D interface provides the user with a realistic and interactive view of the chess board. This allows you to play the game and see the chess board as if it were really in front of you! Ever play chess on a computer before? you have to play on a flat, 2D representation of the board, which is nothing like playing chess in real life. Did you ever want to play chess on a computer, but feel like you were looking at a real board? Now you can. CompuChess focuses on it's 3D interface and ease of use, making it ideal for beginners, it features a fully interactive 3D board which you can rotate simply by dragging the mouse. Of course, there is always the traditional 2D board as well, CompuChess will let you play using either. CompuChess is able to play at a Master level - (around 2500 ELO), but it can also play at a beginner level for learners and any difficulty in-between, ideal for casual, club and tournament players. You may choose the style of game you want; play a long tournament game or a quick 5 minute blitz, CompuChess will adapt it's playing style to suit the amount of time left.

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