Crystal Ball 2000 Professional Edition

Crystal Ball 2000 Professional Edition 5.2

Crystal Ball 2000 Professional Edition is a powerful, yet easy-to-use suite of forecasting, risk analysis, and time-series forecasting software. The most complete business intelligence package of its type, CB 2000 Professional enhances the way you build, interpret, and apply your spreadsheet business and management models. Crystal Ball 2000 Professional includes: * Crystal Ball 2000 Standard - Monte Carlo simulation software for Excel spreadsheet risk analysis and forecasting (see Standard product description on this site for details) * OptQuest - global optimization software that finds the best solutions for spreadsheets under conditions of uncertainty * CB Predictor - time-series forecasting software that finds the trends in your historic data and projects them into the future (includes multiple linear regression) * Crystal Ball and CB Predictor Developer Kits - automate your Crystal Ball simulations and customize your user interface * Crystal Ball Tools - improve your ability to analyze variables and save on the time spent building models Crystal Ball 2000 Professional is ideal for portfolio analysis and project management. Pricing begins at $1295, with discounts for multiple purchases and aCADemic customers. For more product information, please visit our Web site. Free evaluation versions available. Decisioneering Inc. is the leading provider of risk management software and desktop decision intelligence software tools. Our risk management software, the Crystal Ball line of analytical tools, help individuals and organizations make more informed and lucrative decisions. Over 85% of the Fortune 500 rely on our risk management forecasting tools to manage risk, make optimal decisions, and increase shareholder value.

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