Debt Minder

Debt Minder 1.0.3

Debt Minder is a program that is very specialized and focused to the exceptional problem of debt management. Debt Minder differentiates itself as the most user friendly, complete, functional, and economical program in it's class. - Simple, intuitive, and easy to use! - Extremely Powerful and Versatile! - Debt Minder considers account subtleties such as Introductory APRs, Varying Interest Rates, Split Interest Rates, External Payments and many, many more! - Wonderful visualization capabilities! Credit to Object Refinery! Including Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Bar Charts, Area Graphs, and colorized payoff tables! - Implements NINE bill payoff strategies and allows side by side payoff schedule comparison. - Payoff schedules can be generated based on EITHER the amount of money you have to spend per month or the desired duration of your schedule. - Includes convenient integrated Amortization Calculator for both American and Canadian methods of calculation. - Payoff schedules can be exported to .xml, .csv, and tab delimited files in just one click! - Debt Minder is written 100% in Java. Therefore it can run equally well under Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and other Unix operating systems.

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