EMS IB Manager

EMS IB Manager 3.9

EMS IB/FB Manager is a high-performance tool for administering InterBase and FireBird. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for maintaining databases and database objects, managing table data, building SQL queries, administering users and their privileges, extracting, printing, and searching metadata, etc. IB Manager has also a lot of unique features, such as: Visual Database Designer, SP Debugger, Visual Query Builder, HTML Report Generator, BLOB Viewer/Editor, Graphical Plan Analyzer, Export Data to 15 available formats and Import Data from most popular formats, Grant and User Managers, SQL Script processor, Third-party plugin support and others. EMS IB/FB Manager features: - Full support of FireBird 1.5 and InterBase 7; - Managing all Interbase/FireBird Objects: tables, views, domains, procedures, triggers, generators, exceptions, UDFs, users, etc.; - Powerful SQL Editor with code completition and syntax highlight; - Plan Analyzer - helps you easily understand the query optimization plans; - Large Script Execution; - New Visual Query Builder - provides full support of FB 1.5 and IB 7 select enhancements; - Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor with several types of viewing BLOB data; - Import Data from MS Access, MS Excel, DBF, TXT and CSV; - Export Data to most popular formats: MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, etc.; - Improved Grant Manager and User Manager; - Easy-to-use wizards performing InterBase / FireBird services: Backup, Restore, Validate, Statistics.

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