File Bus

File Bus 1.1

Send big files to your friend / fellow? Backup important documents to your remote server? Spending whole night downloading a movie? Have you ever thought such tasks could be done in minutes, or even in seconds? Don't let "SLOW" network waste your time any more, Now a fast p2p file transfer & chat utility - File Bus, is available! 1. What is File Bus? ------------------------------------------- File Bus is a peer to peer file sharing & text chat utility. It is a product of InfoArmor workgroup. Available at With special technic, File Bus can make the most of your network bandwidth. So it can finish transferring big files in a short term. And of course, it will never congest your network. 2. How fast does File Bus works? -------------------------------- Our test result shows, File Bus is several times faster than some current FTP / file sharing tools. You can just have a try. 3. Why is File Bus so fast? --------------------------- First, it uses UDP. comparing with TCP, no round trip ACKs needed. Second, it knows current bandwidth and traffic load of your network, of your friend's network, and of the network path between you and your friend. In other words, it KNOWS every aspect of your network. Third, carefully designed algorithm & protocol let it make most of your network bandwidth. 4. How could I be sure that File Bus will not congest my network? ----------------------------------------------------------------- As we already explained, File Bus KNOWS every aspect of your network in real time. So it can adjust it's speed to avoid congestion. File Bus is a green and polite software. It utilize the idle part of your network bandwidth ONLY. 5. What's the limitation of unregistered version? ----------------------------------------------- Unregistered version can only transfer small files less than 1M bytes. Once you register this product, The registration code can be re-used on two different hosts.

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