FlexiMusic Wave Editor

FlexiMusic Wave Editor Aug20

1) It can open and save audio files of these formats, "wav", "au", "snd" and "raw", And Mp3 with external encoder. Save part to new file, Quick open and many file opening are supported. 2) Record and play audio. Variable speed play, forward and reverse play, instant U-Turn play, selected part play are also possible. Quick play allows to jump start playing just at any place by a click. 3) Huge file editing. You can work on or record a long audio file up to 2GB (2048mb) size (for 16 bit file). (3 hours and 20 minutes of CD quality Stereo, higher for mono). 4) Editing operations: cut, copy, delete, trim, paste-replace, paste-insert, paste multiple insert (looping). Additional editing operations: paste-mix, paste modulate, paste cross fade. 5) You can bookmark a selected portion or view and reuse the same bookmark as needed. 6) Transform operations: Reverse, invert, move-up/down, move-forward/back, inter-change channels, channel mix etc. 7) Re-formatting, re-sampling. 8) Volume Processing: Maximize, Quick fade in, fade out, set to predefined, you can choose either to change or optimize the volume to any given %. 9) Special effects: Equalize, Echo, Noise reduction, Delete silence. 10) Generate: add sine wave with one or two frequency (changing from one to other), multi frequency noise, silence etc. 11) Draw: you can directly draw the wave form by using mouse on it, like painting/writing, for repairing noise, removing click sound etc. 12) For viewing there are zoom options, zoom with mouse select, zoom at mouse click, zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom 1:1, zoom all. 13) Unlimited Undo operations. 14) File types supported: wav, au, snd, raw and mp3.

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  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: FlexiMusic