Football Chance

Football Chance 1.0.0

Football Chance provides the complete software for a fundraising method where the outcome, of sports results, is used to decide winners. It is enjoyable for ticket buyers because it is sports-based, buyers win money, and they buy one ticket and can win money every week over the sports season. It is one of the easiest fundraisers to initiate. It also requires fewer volunteer hours to plan and conduct than any other event or fundraiser. Since each ticket has two teams, for a given week, that are randomly assigned, Football Chance is best described as a sports-based raffle. However, this "raffle" has the added thrill of the buyer being able to root for a team's outcome, if a certain outcome will enhance the chance of winning. This method has been in use for twenty-five years, by a Vermont Rotary Club, and has been a tremendous success. The preliminary version of this software was written in 1999 to simplify the existing cumbersome method. The software does the setup work and all calculations. The updated software is now being made available to everyone for only $39. The purchase price is negligible compared to the many years of profit your organization will make from this fundraiser. Football Chance is most commonly used with football. Within the football sport, the most common use is with pro football. However, Football Chance can be used with any sport or tournament. It is easily used with Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and any other sport that has a set season or tournament schedule. Football Chance works so well because of the high profit margins. Total annual costs of this fundraiser are less than 2% of total income.

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