HTMLPad 2002 Pro

HTMLPad 2002 Pro 4.11

HTMLPad 2002 is a new solution to web page coding. It is compact, fast, easy to use and extremely powerful web document editor. Not only HTMLPad 2002 allows you to take full control over your HTML code, but it also dramatically speeds up the coding process, saving your precious time. Its user-friendly interface makes it useful both for beginners and experts. Program has special features for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, SSI, ASP and Perl. To top it all off, it is one of the best priced HTML editors available, not to mention one of the most fully-featured for the price you pay! Features include Syntax Highlighting for many document types, Code Generators, Auto Complete, FTP client, Spell Check, HTML Validator, Extended Clipboard and more. Program comes with premium tech support.

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