Harmony@Work 1.0.1

Rob doesn't like people who speak very much; he does, however, have an excellent sense of humor. Sarah can't take a joke. Ben can, but can't keep quiet for long periods of time - more than two minutes. Business managers, principals and teachers, camp directors and counselors, activity leaders, little league coaches. Many of us are put in the almost impossible position of dividing people up into logical teams or groups in a way in which everyone is happy. And in the case of teachers we could be dealing with life and...well, lots of screaming kids. Now you can divide 50 kids into ten groups (for a group project) in a matter of seconds. And be certain the groups you have designed are top quality, taking into account every one of the thousands of interdependent personality factors present. Most people couldn't do that on paper in less than a month, if at all. Harmony@Work is a revolutionary new program that makes group-building a breeze for anyone. You simply enter a bit of information about each individual, using simple, timesaving check boxes, then select the profiles you wish to include in your groups and the number of groups you desire and click Calculate. That's it. Four steps. And the last one is just pressing Calculate!  Harmony@Work does all the heavy lifting, analyzing every bit of data given to ensure your groups are of the most perfectly balanced possible, and generating the needed groups instantly. The developed groups can then be exported as text files or printed. In addition, Harmony@Work allows for the management of multiple pools of profiles, so you can have a separate pool for your employees, the guests for your school fundraiser and your kids' friends. 

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  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: Ari Berdy