HotKeyz 2.1.1

Windows HotKey Creator Using your keyboard will help you to work more productively and efficiently. HotKeyz is a keyboard utility with hotkey control for executing files, folders or windows RUN commands. Launch applications in a Normal, Minimized, Maximized or Hidden state. The Parameter option gives you parameter control when launching another application like the Internet Explorer and surfing to a specific site as parameter. For example command (iexplore.exe) with the parameter ( It also features default hotkeys for minimizing, maximizing, restoring or closing the active window. Launch your default e-mail window to compose a new e-mail. Control your WinAmp 2.x without it being focused. Define memo type text and with a hotkey paste your text into your e-mails, documents etc. You can also paste special characters or the current date and time. Open and close your CD-Rom(s). Power off, shutdown, logoff or reboot your PC with a hotkey. Start your screen saver, hide or unhide your desktop, taskbar or any desktop window with a hotkey. Connect to the internet and disconnect your dial-up with a hotkey. You can remap most of the keyboard keys to different keys! Record macro's and play them back using a hotkey! You can even have a dialog prompt you for confirmation on executing certain hotkeys! This is a great way to learn all your hotkeys or to prevent you from executing the wrong one. The HotKeyz tray icon will change to indicate a key press. HotKeyz supports the WIN, CTRL, ALT, SHIFT modifier keys with most of the other keyboard keys. You can even easily enable or disable unwanted hotkeys without deleting them from the hotkey list. You can also categorise all your hotkeys. Print preview and then print all your hotkeys to have quick reference copy to learn from.

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  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: Skynergy