Illusionist 1.01

The pack of the computer jokes for the innocent users. Illusionist is an entertaining utility with which you can make a series of entertaining jokes to some companion of work or friend whom you plunder unprepared. The program allows you to create a series of programmed tasks and to compile them in a executable file that you can activate in any moment, and that remains secretly the "victim". The executable one can be programmed with different intervals of time. The executable one can become personal totally, adding all the functions that you want: to flip desktop, to show images, to reproduce audio or video in diverse formats, to record sound, to open and to close the tray of the CD, execute a program, open a web page or a file, restart the machine ... Also you have the possibility of creating typical windows of message of Windows with the text, buttons and icons that you want; make believe your friend who has become infected with virus or who has just formatted the whole hard disk ...

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