Intellyweb 1.0.0

Intellyweb is a complete software for Internet publishing. With its easy-to-use interface, you can have your website up and running in minutes. Create and update your own multiple page websites by yourself. Make any attachments available for download and publish your site, or parts of it, on the Internet. Just by the click of a button! The very easy-to-use interface combined with the use of templates makes it possible for anyone to create a web site. Despite the intuitive dialogs and guides, Intellyweb comes with an extensive help section. This includes watch-and-follow tutorials covering all aspects of maintaining your website. The Intellyweb help section includes both text based help files and interactive material. Just watch-and-follow while you’re creating your website in a few easy steps! All page editing is template based. This means that a large number of templates are provided along with Intellyweb. These are then used to create pages in your website. The templates will help you structure your information and gives the website a "professional" look. The templates are just strict enough to let you, along with your creativity, create a website that is personal and reflects your visitors needs. Free version is limited to upload destination (60-days free in the IWLive global portal) and the number of templates.

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