Keyword Wizard

Keyword Wizard 1.5

Keyword Wizard is a specialized search engine ranking analysis software to help you improving search engine results via a specific search engine keywords promotion methodology. Unlike other website promotion software submitting your site to 3000+ search engines, It will give your more essential informaiton of web site promotion , include keyword popularity, keyword suggestion, keyword competition, keyword density. Analyze your competitor and beat them to get high ranking and positioning in your target keywords. 1 Picking search engine keyword All web promotion companies mention how critical it is to choose the proper search engine keyword for your website, but none tell you how to do , you can easily pick target search engine keyword for your website with our software Keyword Suggestion :Find variations of keywords Keyword Popularity :Identify popular search terms Keyword Competition:The most popular keywords are not always the best to target, High keyword competition means your odds of success are lower. Don't waste your time fighting the odds. KEI Analysis :Pick target keywords using Keyword Effectiveness Index 2 Search engine ranking analysis Search engine ranking Search engine optimization is not just "doorway page", you must make your web site rich content and rich keywords. Using our software you can easily analyze major search engine ranking result to beat your competition in obtaining a high search engine promotion ranking for target search keywords criteria. Search engine ranking result :Identify your competition in search result for all keywords Keyword density report : Using keyword density to analyze your competition . Keywords-Highlight web page : Suck ideal of optimization your web page with keywords Highlight web page of your competition.

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