Koala HTML

Koala HTML 1.0.5

Need a quick and easy way to create web pages? Look no further than Koala HTML. There's no need to learn HTML coding with Koala HTML. The program allows you to insert special HTML tags quickly and easily with a minimum of learning required. Features included in Koala HTML: Includes several web page templates to help get you started Includes over 65 background images, animations, and other images for use in your web pages Includes over 15 DHTML, Java and Code Snippets Features a quick preview tab to preview your HTML document right in the editor window (no external browser is needed or used) Includes print and print preview features Unlimited undo and redo features in the editor window Allows insertion of basic HTML tags as well as images, sounds, tables and more Side Bar Quick Tags Listing features all standard HTML tags and companions for quick and easy insertion into your document Easily check all document dependencies (images, sounds, links) Publish your document and dependency files using the built-in publishing feature (upload your web page and files to your web site) And much more

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