Logger 1.00

Logger is a reliable, convenient, and complete purchase tracking system for the home and business user. Easy-to-use yet full-featured, Logger meets the needs of customers who are dissatisfied with their current record-keeping systems. What can Logger do for you? * Easily create a detailed record for insurance or inventory purposes * Categorize and track purchases for tax purposes * Record purchase dates, serial numbers, product IDs, and many other details of your purchase * Keep detailed information on manufacturers, vendors, and their representatives for fast access to assistance * One-click Internet access to manufactures and vendors through your existing browser * Many categories and popup menus are customizable to your special requirements * Track remodeling expenses for tax basis calculations * Document appraisal valuations * Maintain confidential information in a secure format * Keep track of warranty and repair information * Remind you of important dates like expiration dates and deadlines * Search for items using simple or complex criteria, and save queries * Sort and summarize lists of purchase items * Keep a database of people linked to your purchases, such as estate planners, tax attorneys, real estate agents, and insurance agents * Print records or export records to Microsoft Excel * Shortcuts to ease data entry * Plus handle numerous other details * Bonus fun word game included You gain peace of mind because Logger protects your privacy. All data is stored in an encrypted format for maximum protection from unauthorized access. A secure password system provides additional protection. LICENSE Logger is available in a free trial version limited to 20 database records. The price is only $49.95 for fast electronic delivery of the unlimited commercial version. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Macintosh: at least a 233 MHz PowerPC G3 with 64 MB of RAM. Operating systems: MacOS 8.5 to 9.x, MacOS X. QuickTime required for graphics.

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