MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Cookie Manager 3.2

Most people are unaware, that beside the normal browser cookies, websites using Flash have the possibility to save own cookies. These cookies are not deleted together with the browser cookies, and can be used through all browsers. MAXA Cookie Manager lists new generation cookes like Flash and Silverlight cookies together with conventional cookies of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, K-Melon and Flock browsers. You can explore their contents and delete them. If you want, MAXA Cookie Manager can automatically check for new cookies periodically. Often you do not want any traffic to some sites placing cookies, mainly advertising sites. MAXA Cookie Manager provides you with the possibility to block any traffic to these sites. It is also possible to block particular cookies, or all cookies of a specific type. Cookies you want to keep, can be organized in a whitelist and won't be deleted Highlights: *Locate them *Establish the type or technology used *From which server *Size of file *Date created *Date amended *How long it remains valid *Total of cookies stored *Total of recently-arrived cookies *Monitor the activities of new cookies during an internet session *Displays the contents in human readable form *Evaluate possible threats *Delete *Permanently disable cookies (Blacklist) ? Prevents recurrent cookies *Permanently protect cookies (Whitelist) ? Keep the cookies you want to or need to keep. *Export as HTML *Reference-database: contains information on over 100,000 sites that may place suspicious or fraudulent cookies. *Real Time Database is updated hourly *Database is interactive: users can submit their own opinions and experiences about a cookie?s server. *Built in WhoIs lookup function. Easily find out the details of any domain. *Local Cookie Search (offline) with content investigator. *Online update service *Multilingual *And much more

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