Moleskinsoft Clone Remover

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 1.3

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover is a program for finding file duplicates. It can find identical files stored in different 'places' (hard disks, CD, DVD etc) of your computer even if the names of the files are different. Files with identical content can be found on any Windows computer. What should you do with them? Delete them! Moleskinsoft Clone Remover can help. If you use this software, you can find file duplicates with a couple of mouse clicks as the program is very easy-to-use and does not require special computer skills. If you have problems doing something, you can always use the built-in help system. Even for the sake of curiosity, it is very useful to know how many identical files there are on your drives. For example, some users of Moleskinsoft Clone Remover write us that they were not aware of the fact how many identical pictures or music files there were on their computers. They were able to delete found file duplicates immediately, using the program.

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