OrgScheduler LAN

OrgScheduler LAN 1.2

A networking calendar/scheduling system. The easy way for any organization to have a central networking scheduler within minutes! OrgScheduler LAN gives you low cost network solution for sharing your planner simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup. Calendar management is implemented at two levels: manager and users. Workgroup manager (OrgManager) can create and delete the resources of users (OrgUsers) and manage all calendars. Newly loaded OrgUsers are automatically assigned to the calendar OrgManager and have the read-only rights to that calendar. Each user has a unique label (computer name) and a caption to display within the calendar. The program will show the complete list of active connections. The OrgScheduler LAN is built upon the interface options introduced in Microsoft Outlook. It includes importing from Outlook, exporting to Outlook, text, HTML, XML and Excel formats. It features different time display options in the day view, 11 event coloring types to indicate an event's kind and importance, automatic hints that display an event's start and end time together with its caption, multiple look and feel styles, event recurrence control. The LAN-version gives you a customizable Resource Navigator, new Date Navigator, a comprehensive reminder, control over the events overlapping and a mechanism for sharing events between an arbitrary number of different resources (users). You can format the calendar according to your regional settings. It provides many types of views: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, All Days or Work Days only and vertical, horizontal timeline views. Also Print Designer system enables to you to design and print elegant reports.

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